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haha awesome... i wanna go to japan and jump like nobodies business

i thought it was cool... funny song and nice animation... made me do a LOL :P

that was great

that was an awesome little movie/advertisement...

and to the guy before me... i'm pretty sure he meant crush...soo maybe you have the problem with the english

this was really a great peice of animation, you're very talented

that was so sweat....

dude that was amazing, so smooth and well thought out..... keep on doing this, it kicks ass..... all the people who think this sucks because of the style an that it isn't technically flash are just little dumbass's who can't realize a great peice of art when they see it..... well done!!

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not very original

...well, it's not.... but it's a little nice i guess

there's a lot of games on NG that are like this and that do it better... but well done anyway

and just so you know for next time... you can right click when playing the game and just move to anywhere and left click and the red dot moves there.... try and sort that out so people can't cheat... good luck mate....keep it up

Jamwaa responds:

I did put a lag on it actually which should have meant that if you right clicked, the dot got dragged through the wall and you lose. did you manage to cheat?

amazingly awesomely excellent......

this game deserves to be the best, i played it for so long, the longest ive ever played a flash game for in one go probably.....and im probably not the only one to find out a way to get money for nothing...kinda....but here anyway......

buy the gravity shifter and put it in the middle of the screen so buddy sticks there, then use the tickle on him but while your tickling him right click to bring up the little window and then just move away, then go have a cup of tea and when you get back you'll be loaded....

sorry if that spoilt anything hehe.... and i have no idea what to do on the script engine thing haha awesome game dude

Most ecxellent

that was a great game, it actually held my attention and i got through all stages....pretty rare thing to do. i like it coz it got really hectic and it was good the way it reaaly gets you mad when you cant do it but its still do-able.... a big 5 for you my friend

i dont wanna write anything here...but by telling you i dont by writing something here i HAVE wrote something here...therefore i am an idiot....:D

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